Sofia is born in Paris in 1982 from italian father and swedish mother who met on summer holiday in Spain! She grows up in crazy neighboorhood from La Défense, biggest business center in Europe wich makes her want to do anything else but business… Being Stewardess during her studies of Urban Planning gives her the chance to develop her photography passion. After a few years in Italy and her studies finished she decides to move to Berlin. She learns german. Has a first show with Hat Maker best friend Ilaria Soncini in Lucas Carrieri´s Gallery on Torstrasse in 2008. Works then with photographer Ralf Schmerberg. And with collective Mindpirates mainly as photo editor for Magazine
She has her first solo show in april 2012 in .Hbc ´s Foyer where she creates throughout 5 synchronised diapositive projectors 30 different dressing up of the entire space covered with mirrors only of pictures of reflections wich multiplies images till the infinite…
While working as music manager for an internet radio she develops her skills in design and handmade composition with her Anagram projects as Ana Gramuse. Last spring in a collective exhibition in Berlin was: As above so below. She showed her beauty mark star constellations project playing with scales. This summer she was exhibiting in Hilton Paris La défense with her art collectiv La Section d´OR, Puteaux.
2013/2014 back to University for a Master in Arts in Public Space in Paris La Sorbonne.
Art direction and production management for the on going participative performance of lebonbond for the festival Manpower 14 Unity in Disparity (
Now in middle of Kundalini Yoga Teachers training, // Theta Healing work
Credo : Cultura Cura
Curator for outdoor


Masters Degree Art in Public Space

Paris Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris, France

Professional Masters Degree in Arts for
Cultural projects in public space


  • Curador


  • Gold leafing
  • Green Hand
  • Photography
  • Polyglotte
  • Indesign
  • Kundalini Yoga